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Mattress Cleaning

If you think your mattress is clean think again! It's a common fact the average person replaces there mattress every 10 years. We spend on average of 8 hours on our mattress per day over the course of the year, this equates to almost 30,000 hours. Did you know that bacteria, fungi and dust mites are feeding on your dead skin, so while you that your mattress is clean and safe the mites are at play.


Curtains are an important aspect of furnishing any room. In addition to complimenting the other furnishings in a room, they provide a beautiful backdrop. Unfortunately they also act as dust and odour depositories, as do other soft furnishings. As clean as a house may appear, a build-up of dust and odours in curtains and soft furnishings occurs over time. For this reason, it is recommended that they are cleaned twice a year.



Also it’s a time pressing event to move, find a carpet cleaner and organise the exit clean in one go. We have faced many people that can’t get there carpets clean due to power being switched of a few days before the keys are handed over. Colossal can service your needs without any power. We have a generator that can power the basics of a family home. MOVING OUT, IN A BIND, NOT ANY MORE COLOSSAL IS ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY. 24 Hours’ notice preferred.

Exit Cleaning

We believe moving in or out of a rental is an important part of the moving process. Property Manager’s require the home to be left in the same condition as it was at the beginning if not better. Also it’s a time pressing event to move, find a carpet cleaner and organise the exit clean in one go. We can organise an exit cleaner, we have a professional commercial/ domestic cleaner that only contracts work through Adam, she has over 30 years’ experience.

Vinyl Cleaning

At Colossal Carpet Cleaning we are trained and qualified to Strip and Seal/Finish Vinyl tiles and Vinyl sheeting. Whether it’s an office, a small room or a large area we can cater for your needs. We also clean Linoleum flooring, Slate, Terracotta & Terrazzo.