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Steam Cleaning

Is an absolute deep clean! The steam cleaning process Colossal provides various steps to make it a more thorough premium clean, our steps are as followed:

  • Pre-inspection.
  • Pre-vacuum of carpets including attention to edges and underneath beds.
  • Attend to stains that require extra attention.
  • Prespray and agitate with rotary machine and allow dwelling.
  • Extract using hot water extraction or steam cleaning with a rinsing agent.
  • Go over with dry bonnet pad and rake fibres to promote faster drying.
  • Application of sanitise/deo or carpet protection is applied prior to raking.

Dry Cleaning

Colossal uses an Encapsulation process for our dry cleaning process. For a much faster drying time than the steam clean option. Dry cleaning is a good way to maintain your carpets in between a steam clean, as it lifts soils in the fibre and stains without a real deep clean and will be dry within 1-2 hours. The dry cleaning process has fewer steps, from the steam clean, but can give a great clean all the same. Subsequent vacuuming will assist in limiting re-soiling.