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Carpet dyeing and colour restoration is still a relatively new way of eliminating stains and/or rejuvenating colour loss in carpets. But, it’s proven, and highly effective. Previously, if you had a stain from wine, make-up, pets, etc, that just won’t budge, or a loss of colour in your carpet from a bleach spill or other chemicals, replacement carpet was the only option. But with Colossal’s latest high-tech system, these spots can be repaired for little more than the cost of a normal carpet clean.
And if your carpet is in great condition, but perhaps has just faded a bit, or maybe you’d just like a whole new colour, Colossal can dye the whole carpet to match any décor and style.
Our carpet dyes are 100% permanent, 100% safe, and safe to walk on straight away

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Can you fix a bleach spot from the cleaners?
Yes, we can. As long as the carpets is either wool or nylon.
Will it match so I can’t see any differences?
In most cases the spot is unnoticeable, but in some cases differences can be seen. We will always discuss expectations with you before starting work.
Is the colour dyeing colourfast?
Yes. The colour dye process is 100% colourfast and you can walk on it before its dry. Within minutes of completion in fact.

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