So you’re thinking of using a leather treatment to protect your furniture?

Don’t do it yourself!

Off the shelf products may regenerate the leather for a brief period, but over time they’ll actually do more damage than good. Best practice is to have your leather professionally cleaned and treated by a qualified and trained professional, with high quality products. This is Colossal’s method, and it’s the best way to ensure longevity and durability. Colossal only use products recommended by leather suppliers, and the protection treatment application is all included in the cleaning price.
But it’s not just leather furniture that Colossal can clean and protect for you. Any upholstered items such as dining chairs and lounges can be given a new lease of life with a professional clean and protection treatment. Using only the highest quality products available, Colossal can take your tired old furniture and turn it back into something you’ll be proud to show off.


(Fabric) Can we sit on it tonight?
Yes. In most cases. Unlike fabric lounge suites, you can use leather furniture items within 1 hour of cleaning.
Does it cost more if it’s a recliner or a single seat?
No. Some of our competitors will charge you more for a recliner, simply because recliners themselves are worth more than a single seat. But we charge per seat regardless of whether it’s a recliner or a single chair. (Leather)
Can you fix the cracks?
No sorry. Leather repair is a very specialised service that requires completely different training to leather cleaning. However we do know an excellent leather repairer we can put you in touch with.
Is your process a clean only or can you condition/protect too?
As part of our normal process we always clean and condition/protect.

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