Have you moved your furniture around to hide the carpet stains? Or have you got a strategically placed rug?

Carpet stains are a pain.

They’re also inevitable. But CCC provides a level of service for carpet stains that is unsurpassed. Starting with the initial phone call, the Colossal team can advise you on what to do straight away (based on the stain type) to reduce the likelihood of the stain setting for good. They’ll then organise to get out to your premises as soon as possible to attack that stain before it can take hold. Every stain is different, and what might work for one stain might actually make another stain worse.



We have had our carpets cleaned before and the stain never shifts, what can you do?
If the stain has been treated incorrectly, that can prove difficult. But most stains can be eliminated with colour dye repair.
Can you remove nail polish?
Yes. We can remove nail polish.
Can you remove rust marks from feet of a chair?
In most cases rust marks can be removed from carpet fibres.

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