You could just get your carpets steam cleaned or you could have Colossal steam clean them properly.

This involves the following:

Vacuuming including specific attention being paid to edges and under furniture
Stain treatment
Pre-spraying and rotary agitation
Hot water extraction or steam cleaning with a rinsing agent
Dry bonnet pad and raking of fibres (to expediate drying)
Sanitiser/deodorant application
Carpet protection application
There’s more to carpet steam cleaning than just running the machine over.
Don’t have time to wait for steam cleaned carpets to dry?
Dry Cleaning is the answer.
Utilising an encapsulation process that lifts soil and stains from your carpet fibres, Dry Cleaning is quick and effective, and leaves your carpets ready to walk on within 1 – 2 hours.



Do you do the wet clean?
Yes, we do a steam clean. Or as some people call it, a “wet clean”.
How long does it take to dry?
In most cases from 4-5 hours. But if need be we can with reduce drying times with the use of heaters and fans.
In your opinion which is the best process?
The steam clean is the better process as it deep cleans the carpet fibre. The solution is allowed a “dwell time” which helps to release dirt and stains from the carpet fibre.
The power has been turned off, is that an issue?
No. Our machine is self-sufficient and van mounted, which means we don’t need any mains-power to clean your carpets.

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