After many years helping clients get their properties cleaned, one service that Colossal Carpet Cleaning felt was missing was Window Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning. Colossal Carpet Cleaning felt offering a complete package to our clients was vital, with that Colossal Carpet Cleaning branched out and source training with Technicians that have been in the industry for over 20 years to give our clients a professional Window and Solar Panel clean.

With attention to detail Colossal Carpet Cleaning go one step further and will clean the window sills, window tracks and window screens.

Colossal Carpet Cleaning use the latest technology that allows us to use a pure water window cleaning process on external windows, that doesn’t require chemicals and gives a spot free rinse.

Whether you are looking for a spring clean or getting ready for sale Colossal Carpet Cleaning can assist you with all your Window and Solar Panel cleaning needs.

What we can do

  • Windows up to 2 Stories high
  • Solar Panels to single storey homes
  • Pool glass
  • Balcony glass
  • Hard to reach windows


Before and After